New York’s Other Park: Citi Field

When I went out to Flushing in Queens for a game last July 4th, I wasn’t expecting much. I had been to the Mets’ old stadium — Shea Stadium — several years ago and was not impressed.

So after I got off the 7 train and walked toward the stadium, I was cautiously impressed. The facade and outside surroundings of the park are immaculate. It has the feel of an old-time ballpark, but the features of a new-age place.

When I entered through the grand home-plate entrance, I was really impressed. The grandiose entrance hall featured banners of former Met greats, and when I settled into my seat on the club level, the view of the field was fabulous.

One of the most unique features of Citi was, I thought, its cell phone charging stations throughout the club level’s bars. You could sit and watch the game from the bar, be served a cold drink, and charge your phone all at the same time.

The only thing I thought was a little ridiculous was the game-day attendants at the park. At about the eighth inning, me and my friend went down to field level to watch the final three outs of a blowout game from the bottom level before leaving. The attendants made us go back to our seats, and did not allow us to watch the game from the 100 level. I can understand the practice if the game was a sellout or close to being full, but at less than 50 percent capacity, it seemed a little odd.

But all in all, the stadium is beautiful. It even has a Shake Shack in center field, what more could you want? Oh and don’t worry Mets fans, the iconic home run apples are still in place at the new stadium.

My view at Citi Field, July 4, 2014 (photo credit: Andrew Kivette).




  1. sensuallydesired · May 12, 2015

    Beautiful! How long have you been a baseball fan? I enjoy watching Minor League in the city where I live, but I would definitely love to see a major league baseball game someday!


    • awkivette · May 12, 2015

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment. I’ve been a baseball fan since day one it feels like … The minor league games are really fun to attend, but nothing beats the atmosphere of a major league game!

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  3. Mark Newman · May 12, 2015

    Hi, we featured your blog on our new portal at – feel free to stop by and leave your URL in the comments there anytime you post about baseball!



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